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  • My cameras are not recording motion. (ONFIV Protocol)
    Hikvision, as well as some other brands may be ONVIF compliant, however ONVIF is only used for video, other features such as, motion detection, audio, remote viewing, camera setting and PTZ control will not work, despite the camera being labeled as ONVIF compliant, in this case we recommend using the default protocol hikvision offers for it's cameras; "HIKVISION PROTOCOL"
  • Error: Not enough Bandwidth.
    This happens because the cameras are taking up too much bandwidth on your system. You can find how much bandwidth your system has by looking for the model on google, for now let's assume you system has 160mb/s and show how you can fix this issue. First Download the SADP tool then to log into your NVR you will need to open the tool and click on the IP address shown under "IPv4 address", log in and click on "Configuration" then " Video and Audio". select one camera at a time and follow the process below. 1. Select the resolution you want to use on your camera 2. Select Frame Rate 3. Select Video Encoding (H264, H264+, H265, H265+) , this will depend on your camera but H265+ would be the best. 4. Enter the correct Bitrate for selection you have done, look at the pictures below for reference. 5. Save and repeat the process for each camera. **If the bit rate option is gray and you can't change it, turn off H265+, change the bit rate and turn it back on. ** Keep this in mind, an 8MP camera, using 25fps, with H265+ encoding, according to the chart below the bitrate that it uses 8,192kb/s or 8mb/s (8,192/1,024), if you have 32 cameras like this then 8mb/s x32 is equal to 256mb/s, and your system can only support 160mb/s. So, you will need to reduce the resolution and frame rate or decrease the number of cameras on your system until your overall usage is below 160mb/s.
  • My older cameras are not showing on my new unit.
    This can be for various reasons, but most commonly it is because the cameras are not HIkvision Original, or if they are IP cameras, they are still linked to the previous unit therefore they need to be reset before connecting it to the new unit. For Analog Cameras: Check Power Supply Go to the camera menu on your DVR and make sure that the correct Protocol is chosen; example, original or Hikvsion OEM cameras need to use "Hikvision protocol", other brands may use "ONVIF' instead, check online and select the correct protocol for your camera. On the same setting make sure that the correct input (TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS) is selected. If your DVR is set to TVI and your camera is set to CVI, these will not be compatible and you will have no video. Some cameras have a button where you can change the output manually, check the model online to see what output is meant to be used, some camera can work with any output but be careful some outputs like CVBS only offer low quality imaging, so if your 8MP camera is on CVBS then you wont take advantage of the high quality imaging is capable of. if you cannot change it manually then you can use a tool called IPC Tester, you can buy it on eBay or Amazon. For IP cameras: These camera usually connect on their own, so try with a small 6inch cable plugged in directly to the NVR, and the mount the camera where it needs to go this may solve your issue, as it's harder for the cameras to connect automatically over long distances. Is the camera brand new? If not you may need to reset it because IP cameras will link to the first NVR they are connected to via password, so you will need to reset it or you will need to remember what the password of your old NVR is in order to connect it.
  • How do I turn off strobe light?
    **Please keep in mind the reason the light is turning on is because the place is too dark for it to see, we recommend adjusting the setting of the camera for a better performance.** Please watch this video below on how to turn off the strobe light.
  • What does Vandal Proof mean?
    Vandal-resistant cameras are designed to be rugged and tough so that they will continue working when subjected to rough treatment. The best vandal-resistant cameras will withstand direct blows to their housings and lens covers without breaking and without interrupting the video.
  • How to download and view playback on PC/MAC computers
    STEP 1 In order to download video from you NVR please watch the video below., but before you do that make sure to have the SAPD TOOL For PC -64bit: click here For Mac Link: click here STEP 2: After downloading the SADP Tool, open it and you will find your NVR/ DVR listed there, double click on the IP address shown under the column called "Ipv4 Address", a tab will open, you are now ready to watch the video below. STEP 3: After you have downloaded the file you most likely will not be able to play it with your computer's default video player therefore please download the Hikvision Recommended VS player for your computer For PC: -32bit: click here -64bit: click here For Mac: -Link: click here If you do not have a computer that is 64bit, you will not be able to downlaod the SADP Tool, but luckly there is another way you can download directly from the NVR/DVR to a USB Stick. Please watch the second video below.
  • How to enable Hik- Connect App
  • How to Activate Motion Recording
    You can do this from the SADP TOOL or directly from your NVR the process is the same. From your Network Recorder go tos; Settings / System Normal Event Motion Detection should be the first option on the top left of the screen Click on Enable Then Apply. Watch the video below to learn more about configuring your notifications for each camera.
  • How do I reset Password for Digital / IP Recorder or Hikvision Cameras?
    Here is how you can do this! First fill our the "Assistance Request Form" form this way we can assist you. Once the form has been submitted please follow the steps below. Step 1: Download SADP Tool For PC -64bit: click here For Mac Link: click here Step 2: Connect a Cat6 Network Cable (from 1-6 feet) from a PoE switch to your camera, or connect cameras directly to a recorder, make sure that you have ethernet connected to the routers well. For resetting a recorder, simply connect it to the router. If you have a Analog camera these steps are not necessary as you do not need to reset analog cameras. Step 3: Wait a few minutes, open you SADP Tool and you will see the Hikvision product listed. Step 4: Click on the checkbox found on the left side of the screen, then click "Forgot Password" refer to Image 1. Step 5: Click on export and send this xml file to us. if you have not filled out the form on STEP 1 please make sure you do. After receiving the automated email, all you need to do is reply to that email with the xml file attached. Step 6: From this point forward do not remove the camera/recorder. If you lose internet connection, power, or the camera/recorder is disconnected, you will need to repeat steps 2 through 5 again, as the xml will now be invalid. Step 7: We will reply to you usually within 1 business day with a xml file ending in _o2. you are going to repeat step 4, but this time click on Upload .For Recorders at this time please check the box "RESET CAMERA'S PASSWORD" refer to image 2 Step 8: Set your password and click on "Confirm" Step 9: You are all set!!
  • How to turn on email notifications
    Please follow the following steps: Step 1: Download SADP TOOL Step 2: Open SADP Tool make sure your computer is connected to the same network as your recorder STEP 3: Double Click on "IPV4 Address" Step 4: A browser will open, at this point please log in to your recorder. Step 5: Go to Configuration -> Network -> Advanced Setting -> Email Step 6: See image below Step 7: Enable Authentication and fill in exactly as the image shows, replace with your own email and credentials. At this time click on "attach image" if you would like an image to be sent as well. Step 8: Click on Save then Test, if successful you are all set! Step 9: To actually start receiving email you must now go to Events -> Basic Event -> Linkage Method -> click send email -> click apply. Just make sure you have an arming schedule of when you want the system to send you emails, this is camera specific make sure to do the process for every camera. Step 10: If this did not work for your, the SMPT Server may be wrong try another one below. For Gmail: Port: 25 or 465 or 587 For Yahoo: Port: 465 or 587 for Hotmail; Port: 587 for Outlook: Port: 587 If you enable SSL please use port: 587 Make sure you input the password of your email account correctly.
  • SADP Tool not working (For PC Users Only)
    Please follow the instruction below. Step 1. Make Sure to uninstall the SADP program you already have. Step 2: Download the Zip file Below Step 3: Unzip the file Step 4: Go to Windows (C:)--> Program Files 86x (REFER TO PICTURE BELOW) Step 5: Drop the unzipped file in here Step 6: Find SADP TOOL.exe, right click on it and create a shortcut, move the shortcut to your desktop Step 7: make sure not have any other shortcuts from previous installs. Step 8: Click on the shortcut, once the screen pops up make sure to click allow you are all set! Contact us if you still have issues
  • How to Reset your Hikvision IP or Analog Recorder using SADP Tool
    For DVR's and NVR's Step 1: Install SADP TOOL Step 2: Find your unit on the SAPD Tool, and double click on the "Ipv4 Address" refer to image 1 Step 3: A page will open up, please your credential to log into your unit. Step 4: Go to Configuration ---> Maintenance then click on "Default " You are all set! Reset will take a few minutes.
  • What is the defualt password of my Hikvision/LTS Recorder?
    The Default Password is 12345678a. If you ever have trouble accessing your recorder with this password, please contact us.
  • Why is my DVR or NVR not recording?
    The most common issue for this problem is not having a Hard Disk installed correctly, make sure your Recorder has a HARD DRIVE. if this is not your case please contact us or request technical support. Its free within 30 DAYS of Delivery Date.
  • How do I download Team-viewer?
    Team-viewer is a free program that our technicians use to be able to help you from the comfort of your home. To download this program click here. The download will automatically start please check your download folder or the bottom of your page.
  • How do I return my product?
    Click here to request a return. and then click on the tab "Return / Replacement/ Tech Support Form. We'll respond to you within one business day.
  • I have no internet can a technician still help me?
    Unfortunately no. A technician needs an internet connection to be able to access your devices and change settings as he needs to..
  • My order has not been shipped. Why is that?
    When buying TVT/Q-SEE Similar DVR's and NVR's as well as Q-SEE cameras, we may ask you for the model of you current system to verify that your purchase is compatible with your home system, as well as discuss specific alterations to your system if necessary. Until we have an answer from you your order will be on hold. (MAX. 3 Days on Hold)
  • My Hikvision DVR/NVR WON'T STOP beeping!
    This happens for various reasons, usually it may be because it is not connected to the internet, a camera is not working, the HDD is not installed or stopped working. Make sure to always check your system is working correctly, if this does not work you may remove the beeping feature all together. Go to Menu Go to Setting Click on Exception Type Change from HDD Full to "ALL" Click on Apply.
  • Which System is best for me?
    Our Costumer Service Agents will be able to help you decide what is best for you and your current system , simply contact us or schedule a time that works for you here --> book online.
  • My DVR/NVR is not registering my HDD.
    Here are some things you can to ensure your HDD is read properly Please make sure that the (1) BLUE and the (2)RED/YELLOW cables are connected properly, also make sure that you are using the original power supply that came with your unit. IF this does not work, the HDD may be faulty, if you replace the HDD and see that the same problem arises, you can call us for tech-support or to return/replace your unit.
  • Q-SEE APP or Super Live App?
    We highly recommend using the Super Live App for all of our TVT/Q-SEE Similar Products. Q-SEE is closed for business and the use of their app will be in some ways restricted. The Super Live App is a great replacement with better functionality. Super Live Plus App ----> Download
  • My question is not listed.
    Not to worry! We are here to help, click one of the links below to get assistance. FAQ Section Contact Information Book Online to talk to a representative or simply chat with us!
  • I did not receive cables and power supply with my kit
    Most of the kit's we sell do not have power supply and cables included unless otherwise stated. Contact us to know for sure if you did not receive it by mistake. If not you may purchase from the tagged product below.
  • This site is not loading well or it's taking a long time.
    We have run into this issue a few times! The good news is that our team is constantly working on optimizing this site for the best performance, however there is a couple of things we can try to help you with this issue now. Step 1: Clear your Browser History Step 2: Clear All Cookies and Data Step 3: Refresh the Site If this does not work for you, please let us know what bugs you are experiencing.
  • Checkout is slow / How to Checkout Faster
    Checking out does not need to be a burden! Create an account with us HERE and save all the information you need in your personal account. When checking out make sure to choose the purple Checkout button (shown in picture below). Since PayPal is our payment provider, you will still need to choose to pay with PayPal, but you don't need an account them at all! Below the login info there is a "PAY WITH DEBIT or CREDIT CARD" button, choose that and the information saved in your USAcompuA+ Account will be automatically be filled out for you.

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