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Setting Up Hik-Connect on Mobile Phones: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Hik-Connect has emerged as a trusted solution for surveillance and security, allowing users to remotely view and manage their cameras via their mobile devices. As we venture into the end of 2023, the convenience of having security solutions at our fingertips becomes even more paramount. Whether you're a homeowner looking to monitor your property or a business seeking to enhance security measures, this guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough to set up Hik-Connect on your mobile phone.

What is Hik-Connect?

Hik-Connect is a mobile application designed for Hikvision devices, enabling users to remotely monitor live surveillance footage, receive alerts, and manage devices. It integrates the capabilities of several devices, offering a unified solution for users to stay connected to their surveillance systems anytime, anywhere.

How to Set Up Hik-Connect on Mobile Phones

Step 1: Download the App

Begin by navigating to your phone's official app store, either the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android. Enter "Hik-Connect" into the search bar. Look for the official Hik-Connect app, identified by its unique logo and ensure you're downloading the one by Hikvision. Before you download, it’s always a good practice to skim through user reviews and ratings. This will give you a heads-up on user experiences and potential issues. Once satisfied, click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Install’ button. Make sure your phone is connected to a reliable internet source to ensure smooth download.

Step 2: Register an Account

Upon launching the app for the first time, you'll be greeted with an option to register an account. This is a crucial step, as this account will be the gateway to all your Hikvision devices. You can use a valid email address or mobile number for this registration. Ensure your password is strong, combining alphabets, numbers, and symbols for enhanced security. Once you've entered your details, you might receive a verification code via email or SMS. Enter this code to verify your account.

Step 3: Add Your Devices

With your account now set up, it's time to link your Hikvision devices. In the app, navigate to the "Device" section. Here, you'll find an option to add a device—typically represented with a “+” symbol or an "Add" button. To add a device, you can manually enter its serial number, but an easier method is to scan the QR code found on the device. This code is typically located on a label stuck to the device and ensures a quick and error-free addition.

Step 4: Configure Device Settings

After successfully adding your device, the next phase is the customization of its settings. You can assign a friendly name to your device to easily identify it—especially useful if you have multiple devices. Dive into the settings to configure features like motion detection, which, when activated, can send alerts to your phone if movement is detected by the camera. You can also set preferences for notifications, so you're alerted about important events or potential security breaches. Always remember to save your configurations before exiting the settings menu.

Step 5: Explore the App's Features

Now that your devices are added and customized to your preferences, it's time to make the most of the app's features. The live view feature, for example, lets you see real-time footage from your cameras. This is incredibly handy to monitor your premises on-the-go. Additionally, the playback feature is vital when reviewing past footage, which can be crucial in instances of security breaches or when recalling a past event. As you familiarize yourself with these features, you'll discover other tools and settings that make the Hik-Connect app a powerful security ally.

Step 6: Stay Updated

In the fast-paced digital realm, app developers regularly release updates. These updates often come with new features, bug fixes, or enhancements in user experience. It's essential to keep your Hik-Connect app updated. Regularly check your phone's app store for updates to the Hik-Connect application. An updated app ensures optimal performance, enhanced security, and access to the latest features introduced by Hikvision.


Setting up Hik-Connect on your mobile device is a methodical yet straightforward process. By following the detailed steps above, you ensure that you remain connected to your surveillance systems no matter where you are. The peace of mind that this provides is immeasurable. As 2024 unfolds, remember that in our ever-connected world, staying abreast of technological advancements is more than just a luxury—it's a necessity. Embrace Hik-Connect, stay vigilant, and always prioritize your security.

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