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My DVR arrived within four days. I was amazed. Also I spoke with a nice young man about my order and he took care of everything. Rolando was his name. I think..? Am happy, just need to hook it up. Will probably be calling for advice about that and camera recommendations.!line shop for Video surveillance equipment


Shopping with USACOMPUA it was easier and quickly, i did a phone call first to be sure about the products I was looking for it was in stock after that five minutes conversion they sent me an email with my purchase information details to make sure everything was ok and I sent it back to them confirming the order and immediately I summited the payment and that was everything, two days later UPS did the delivery to my door, everything came the way I was expected no damage nothing missing. Thank you USACOMPUA.


Rolando is amazing!!! Best customer service of anyone I have ever worked with.

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